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A patch to sqwebmail

courier-0.28.diff.gz (57KB, 2000-11-14 14:14:14)
is a gzipped unified diff from Courier-0.28 to add following functionalities to the included webmailer. A patch to SqWebMail 1.0
sqwebmail-1.0.diff.gz (53KB, 2000-10-17 03:19:47)
is also available.

Before apply these patches, you need to get and install a support library (version >= 0.7.1).

To enable the above mentioned features, you need to pass the following arguments to the configure of Courier.

to enable multibyte character support, if you install the library into the other place than the default setting of the Makefile in the library.
to add no-authentication mode to the webmailer.

To send a mail with a correct character encoding via the webmailer, you may need to insert the lines:

  <td>Name of character set:</td>
  <td>Specification of encoding conversion for input stream:</td>
  <td>Specification of encoding conversion for output stream:</td>
at the proper place in webmail/html/<your lang>/preferences.html, and to sepcify correct values at first use of the webmailer.
sqwebmail-html-ja-jp.tar.gz (25KB, 2000-11-14 14:13:30)
is a gzipped tar ball of templates for the lang ja_JP.

Specification of encoding conversion must be a comma separated list of one of the words.

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