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Extra lookups of Exim 3.15.

exlookup.diff.gz (0KB, 1970-01-01 09:00:00)
is a gzip'ed unified diff from Exim 3.15 to add new single-key lookups:
calls perl subroutines. For each lookup, you should define 3 subroutines with names of the forms <name>_open, <name>_find, and <name>_close.
is passed no argument. If the return value is `undef', it implies failure of opening the database. Othewise the value is passed to <name>_find as the 2nd argument.
is passed 2 arguments. The 1st argument is the lookup key, and the 2nd is the return value of <name>_open. If the return value of <name>_find is `undef', it implies failure of the lookup. If the return value is an empty string, the lookup is treated as defered.
is passed the return value of <name>_open.
dnsany;<recode type>
makes a DNS query of <recode type>.


I am much familiar to Perl rather than the filter language of Exim. So the askperl lookup makes my life easy.

There is a site in which I do all the network administrative works. In that site, some people want (or need) to receive mails even from open relay hosts, because some important business partners of them reside at such hosts. But others don't. So I need to apply RBL facility per user, and made the dnsany lookup.

Any questions or comments about this page are greatly appreciated.

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