Fit2sgpx - converts a FIT file to a simple GPX file


  fit2sgpx [<options>] [<FIT activity file> [<GPX file>]]


Fit2sgpx picks up just the GPS tracking logs from <FIT activity file>, converts them to correspoding simple GPX formats without any extensions, and write them to <GPX file>.

The latest version is obtained via
fit2sgpx-0.01.tar.gz (6KB, 2018-01-25 03:58:23).

It uses a Perl class


of version 0.10 or later.


-show_version=<non zero number>
shows the version string of this program, and exits. If <non zero number> is greater than 1, it shows somewhat detailed informations.

shows FIT file header and trailing CRC information on stdout.

tries to limit the number of trackpoints to <number>.

specifies a comma separated list of GPX elements which must be included in trackpoints.

Fit2sgpx convert each record message to a trackpoint in GPX format, examines whether or not any of the elements in the list are defined, and drop the trackpoint if not.

specifies a comma separated list of GPX elements which should be excluded from trkpt elements in <GPX file>.

specifies a colon or space separated list of <region>s, in which trackpoinsts must be excluded from <GPX file>.

A <region> must be a comma separated quadruple of the form <lat_sw>,<long_sw>,<lat_ne>,<long_ne>. <lat_*> must be degrees of latitudes, and <long_*> must be degrees of longitudes. Suffices _sw and _ne stand for ``south west'' and ``north east'', respectively.

Trackpoints in the ``rectangle'' (including borders) enclosed with paralles and meridians determined by the above latitudes and longitudes, are not written to <GPX file>.

Unless this option specified, trkseg elements are divided after the ride paused or a new lap started.

-tpdesc=<non zero number>
If this option specified, some trackpoints include desc elements, which describe lap numbers and the cause of enclosing trkseg elements if the trackpoints are the first ones.

If <non zero number> is greater than 1, lap numbers are included in all trackpoints. Otherwise, they are included only in the first trackpoints in trkseg elements.

<GPX file> includes metadata with a name element. Without this option, the contents of name is the timestamp (say <TS>) of the first trackpoint.

When this option is specified, the contents is of the form "<string> (<TS>)".

If you need more human readablility of <GPX file>, you can specify a positive number as <number>.

If you need no human readablitity of <GPX file> at all, you may specify this option.

Per user configuration file

Fit2sgpx evaluates the contents of the file in your home directory if it exists, before starting conversion. So, in the file, you can set appropriate values to scalar variables of the same names of the above options with leading hyphens removed, and will get the same effects as giving the command line options.


Kiyokazu SUTO <>


This program is distributed with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Anyone can use, modify, and re-distibute this program without any restriction.