Egpx2ascend - shows distances and elevation gains of GPX files with elevations.


  egpx2ascend [<options>] [<GPX file> ...]


Egpx2ascend reads GPX files with elevations, and shows distances and elvation gains of them.

When invoked with no <GPX file>, it reads its standarad input.

The latest version is obtained via
egpx2ascend-0.01.tar.gz (3KB, 2020-04-06 20:44:38).


shows the version string of this program, and exits.

-slopemax=<slope max>
-slopemin=<slope min>
-ascendmin=<ascend min>
For two successive track points <p1> and <p2>, let <d> be the distance between <p1> and <p2>, and <a> be the absolute value of the difference between elevations of <p1> and <p2>, both in meters.

When <p2> is not the last track point, if <d> is 0, or if <a> / <d> is larger than <slope max>, or if <a> / <d> is smaller than <slope min> and <a> is smaller than <ascend min>, then egpx2ascend dismisses <p2>.


Kiyokazu SUTO <>


This program is distributed with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Anyone can use, modify, and re-distibute this program without any restriction.